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October 24, 2006

The competition is never as close as you think.

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(New blog posts only seem to come to mind when I can riff off of someone else’s comments. The title line of this post is courtesy of David Cohen in the comments on coloradostartups.com)

Call this a lesson learned, but the competition really never is as close as you think.

Two reasons we started this business were it was explainable (3 words will get you started, a few simple sentences can paint a picture for the most technically unsophisticated, including my mother) and it appeared that nobody else was doing it.

Well, the nobody else didn’t survive long, and we needed some competition to help prove that there really is a market space. Plus customers need choice, even if the choice is clear.

That high-level mindset never prevents my initial panic every time someone new appears in our space. I especially panic over large, well-funded or public companies who ought to have resources I can only dream about. I fear stealth projects that appear from nowhere. I watch the ones that appear to be lagging, in case they get their act together.
However, since we’ve started, we’ve seen one competitor after another fall by the wayside. Some have gone down in flames, others still pretend to have life although they don’t market and haven’t released a new version in years. The obvious causes of death include:

  • “Wannabes” clearly without basic business skills
  • The competing product is a side-line or peripheral add-on, and not core to the overall business
  • A shift in marketing or business focus
  • Failure to stay current with the technology
  • Fraud (the kind that made their local evening news, repeatedly)

In self-congratulatory mode, maybe, just maybe,  we’re better focused and better at getting the job done. But I can’t count on it.

So, I temper my panic. Mostly. But it is useful to keep my on my toes.

Thanks to Google News, I’m getting yet another opportunity to calm myself this evening…



  1. […] I recently said “The competition is never as close as you think.” Apparently, this struck a chord. […]

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  2. I think the competition is never over.

    Comment by cs55 headsets — September 26, 2010 @ 1:16 am | Reply

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