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February 6, 2007

Too Much Marketing

Filed under: It's just business — dionea @ 1:46 am

I am not a professional marketer. I come to marketing out of necessity, and bear a long-lived dislike of being marketed to. I’m the type that goes a bit out of my way to avoid the onslaught: adblock in my browser, automatic image download turned off in email; an early adopter of Tivo, the Colorado No Call list, and the Direct Marketing Association’s junk mail opt-out list; and a long-time listener of NPR. I hang up on telemarketers  and close the door on solicitors, hopefully politely. I cut any and all sales pitches short.

I am not alone. I suspect that most of our target market either behaves in a similar fashion, or just ignores 99.9% of what they see.

It’s all just too much. We’re inundated,  and we’re just not going to pay attention any more.  Which of course raises the stakes for those trying to get our attention — hence stunts like the recent brouhaha in Boston. It feels like we’re in a swimming pool full of children all screaming “Look at me!” “Look at me!”.

But without marketing, buyers will never know about the availability of what’s for sale.

So rather than scream for your attention in every way possible, I let one question drive my marketing decisions. If you have the pain that my product cures, where do you look to find the salve?

More later…



  1. I think you are like most people in that when we do not want to buy then we do not want to be bothered. Most of the better marketing today is pull marketing rather then push and this waits for the customer to make the first move. I think more and more businesses will have to start using this approach as other methods in push are just not acceptable anymore. Pull has a better conversion anyway, so you just need to put information out there in the places that people will look when they are interested.

    I guess this kind of marketing is great when you are selling an established product but what about if it is a new product in a new market. What if people are not even aware they have a need for this new product, how will this be marketed when people are not looking for it?

    Mr Headsets

    Comment by Mr Headsets — June 4, 2007 @ 7:10 am | Reply

  2. What’s even worse is those ‘contextual’ type ads that pop-up when you scroll over a word, especially in blogs. However, without advertising it becomes harder for us as consumers to learn about new products. The anser is for selective advertising or intelligent advertising.

    Comment by Mark — March 31, 2008 @ 4:51 am | Reply

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