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May 22, 2007

Go get that test, today

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My uncle died of Hodgkin’s disease many years ago, leaving his wife and two sons aged 5 and 7. As a child I watched my father try to fill in for his brother as part-time male role model, but of course it could never be enough. Fast-forward a decade or so, and my father successfully recovers from colon cancer. Another fifteen years, and my aunt died of complications from diabetes. Another fifteen or so to today, and my oldest cousin’s wife has been in the hospital for months, recovering after a complicated heart surgery. Now he doesn’t feel well, has their 12-year-old daughter call 911, diagnosis is colon cancer.

How on earth they’re going to cope, I can’t imagine. There’s very little family left to support them, and most of us are distant. What I do know, or at least suspect, is that every one of these, save my uncle, could have been prevented with diagnostic tests and lifestyle adjustments. I admit: colonoscopies probably weren’t common thirty years ago, and my cousin is just months too young for his recommended first.

I’ve been putting mine off: too much time away from the business, and an intense dislike of anesthesia. My doctor was very insistent at my annual last week. Her nudging may or may not have been successful. With this latest news, I’ll listen and take action. My family and my business need and deserve a healthy me.


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