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June 28, 2007

Internalizing media

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At some point in my young adulthood, I figured out that all I accomplished by reading women’s magazines was to feel inadequate. They’re full of prescriptions for shoulds and oughts, and set the bar so high that no mere mortal could achieve their level of perfection and beauty. So I finally got enough sense to stop reading them.

Decades later, when starting my first business, I read tons of business media, looking to learn from others  failures and successes. Over time I slowly stopped, both because I was finding less to learn, and the more successful the business the less time I had to pay attention.

Outside of  industry news, I still don’t read much business media. But now my list of business  feeds  has started to increase. Most of the bloggers I read I either know and respect, or have come to respect after reading them over time.
But a few of them are starting to make me feel inadequate. I can’t help but compare their thoughts and actions against my own, their successes against mine, their clarity of writing against my struggle to formulate what I think.

Perhaps what’s missing is a discussion of their failures as well as their successes. So maybe I need a new personal rule: any business blogger who doesn’t discuss a failure in at least 5% of his or her blogs isn’t telling the whole story, and therefore doesn’t deserve to be read.


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