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September 27, 2007

I need you to want me

Filed under: It's just business — dionea @ 12:49 am

Small and medium businesses are supposed to be core to Kinko’s current strategy. Why don’t I feel wanted?

We’ve had a FedEx account in good standing for over six years. That, however, accounts for squat when trying to open a Kinko’s commercial account. I faxed off an application to Kinko’s 4 months ago. No acknowledgment. Dead silence.  Nada. I finally called today, the account application had been discontinued. They claimed that repeated faxed requests to my bank had gone unanswered. Their procedures wouldn’t let them call my banker directly, whose number I supplied. They also claimed they left me a voice mail — just one — which I never received.

Kinko’s spent $15 million retraining 20,000 people on quality customer service. I wish it showed. I guess the thousands I’ve charged on my personal card didn’t buy enough training.


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